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Ruby module source


  • Download and install Bearsampp.
  • If you already have installed Bearsampp, stop it.
  • Download a Ruby version of your choice.
  • Extract archive in bearsampp\tools\ruby\. Directory structure example :
[-] bearsampp
  | [-] tools
  |  | [-] ruby
  |  |  | [-] ruby2.0.0.p648
  |  |     | bearsampp.conf
  • Edit the bearsampp.conf file and replace the key rubyVersion with the correct version.
  • Start Bearsampp.

Bearsampp uses a portable distribution of Ruby for Windows via RubyInstaller. Since Ruby 2.4, RubyInstaller is based on MSYS2 toolchain. If you want to compile C based ruby gems, you will have to download and install all necessary MSYS2 build tools by typing the command ridk install using by the official installer.


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