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Mailpit module source 


  • Download and install Bearsampp.
  • If you already have installed Bearsampp, stop it.
  • Download a Mailpit version of your choice.
  • Extract archive in bearsampp\bins\mailhog\. Directory structure example :
[-] bearsampp
  | [-] bins
  |  | [-] mailpit
  |  |  | [-] mailhog1.18.7
  |  |     | bearsampp.conf
  • Start Bearsampp.
  • Switch to the Mailpit version you have extracted on Bearsampp :

By default you cannot run Mailhog and Mailpit simultaneously.  This can be accomplished by changing the ports in the bearsampp.conf file in each version of mailpit.  This is NOT recommended.  Preferred behavior is to choose to use Mailhog or Mailpit not both.


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