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Before submitting a request

Following prerequisites must be met:
  • License allows distribution/repackaging of the software
  • Abandonware will not be accepted
  • Great visibility (based on Alexa rank and/or GitHub stars)
  • Must be for windows 10 or higher.
Search for existing module requests.  If you find your module request already exists, then make relevant comments and add your reaction
Use a reaction like 
- upvote or  - downvote in place of a “+1” comment.

If you cannot find an existing module request, submit a request using the guidelines below.

Writing a good module request

  • Explain why the new module would be beneficial. Go into as much detail as you can.
  • Use images and/or video if it helps make things clearer.
  • DO NOT use any language other then English.
Then create a new module request and fill in the blanks!



Bearsampp is a portable application and therefore ideally suited to bring all your development across different computers.

Time Saver

One place to download the latest release and modules for your binaries, tools and applications.                                                 

Easily Switch

Easily switch between different versions of your modules.                                                                                                                     

Effective Homepage

An effective homepage gathering all the information you need is available at http://localhost or https://localhost.

Nice Console

A nice console is available to execute your commands and open the shell you need                                                                                           

Our Supporters

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