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Before submitting a request

Following prerequisites must be met:
  • License allows distribution/repackaging of the software
  • Abandonware will not be accepted
  • Great visibility (based on Alexa rank and/or GitHub stars)
  • Must be for windows 10 or higher.
Search for existing module requests.  If you find your module request already exists, then make relevant comments and add your reaction
Use a reaction like 
- upvote or  - downvote in place of a “+1” comment.

If you cannot find an existing module request, submit a request using the guidelines below.

Writing a good module request

  • Explain why the new module would be beneficial. Go into as much detail as you can.
  • Use images and/or video if it helps make things clearer.
  • DO NOT use any language other then English.
Then create a new module request and fill in the blanks!

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