25 Jul 2022

PHP x86 Archival releases #113

I'm releasing several Archival versions of PHP in x86 format ONLY. These will require Apache 2.4.41-x86 to function properly.

25 Jul 2022

Apache 2.4.41-x86 Archival Release #112

Due to issues with older versions of php I'm releasing 2.4.41 as an archival release.
This is a x86 build and doesn't function with php above 8.1
Alot of the modules are x64 now so I'm trying to move everything to x64.
24 Jul 2022

Prerequisites 2022.07.24 Released #108

Prerequisites 2022.07.24 is released
This version removes all ability to use Windows 7 or Windows XP with Bearsampp.
Images updated with Bearsampp iconography.
VS17 support.
This will probably be the final version for 2022.
24 Jul 2022

Bearsampp RC Release #98

I'm happy to announce the release of Bearsampp 2022.07.23-beta.
A functional release of Bearsampp. This is the first official release of 2022.
see https://github.com/Bearsampp/Bearsampp/issues for known issues.

17 Jul 2022

Yarn Classic is Released. #82

Two versions are released.
1.22.4 featuring node-v12.18.3-x86
1.22.19 featuring node-v16.16.0-x64
These are the final release of yarn classic. see #81 for updating to yarn 4.
17 Jul 2022

XDebugClient 1.0b5 Released #80

This is an archival release. The software hasn't been updated since 2009. When it stops functioning it will be dropped.
17 Jul 2022

Websvn 2.7.0 Released #79

Websvn 2.7.0 is released
17 Jul 2022

Webgrind 1.9.2 Released #78

Webgrind 1.9.2 is released
17 Jul 2022

SVN Released #77

SVN 1.14.2 & 1.9.4 are released
17 Jul 2022

Ruby Released #75

Ruby 2.6.3-1 and 3.1.2-1 are released
17 Jul 2022

Python Released #74

python 3.7.02 is released based on pyqt4.
16 Jul 2022

Postgresql Released #72

This release includes 11.3 and 14.4.1

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