04 Nov 2022

PHP 7.4.33 Security Release

This is a security release of the 7.4.x versions. It is HIGHLY recommended to update to this version.


Fixed bug #81739: OOB read due to insufficient input validation in imageloadfont(). (CVE-2022-31630)
Fixed bug #81738: buffer overflow in hash_update() on long parameter. (CVE-2022-37454)

Release: https://github.com/Bearsampp/module-php/releases/tag/2022.11.04

04 Nov 2022

Composer 2.4.4 Released

02 Nov 2022

November Full changelog #267

--- CORE ---
Corrected Winbinder error
Adjusted update checker to look for github data instead of previous destination for reliable updates. ( Old location will be available until January release then it will be removed. )

--- SITE ---
Fixed footer menu colors

--- MODULES ---
git 2.38.1 updated
MariaDB 10.6.10 & 10.8.5 updated
MySQL 8.0.31 updated
PHP 8.0.25 & 8.1.12
PostgreSQL 15.0
NodeJS 18.12 & 19.0 updated
NodeJS hotfix(s) for all versions.

01 Nov 2022

PostgreSQL 15.0 Released

PostgreSQL 15.0 is now available as a new Major version.

Changelog: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/release/15.0/

Release: https://github.com/Bearsampp/module-postgresql/releases/tag/2022.10.28
01 Nov 2022

PHP 8.1.12 & 8.0.25 Security Release

30 Oct 2022

NodeJS Hotfix + New Releases

Hotfix for the following NodeJS versions:

NOTE: All versions you are using must be re-downloaded to receive the hotfix.

Release: https://github.com/Bearsampp/module-nodejs/releases/tag/2022.10.28
24 Oct 2022

MariaDB 10/24 Bundle Release

This release bundle includes the following:



21 Oct 2022

Git 2.38.1 Security Release

This is a security bug fix release coordinated with Git v2.38.1, addressing CVE-2022-39260 and CVE-2022-39253. It is HIGHLY recommended you download and update to this version.
01 Oct 2022

October Release is Live!

We are excited to announce that our October release is here and with many great changes!

The idea behind 2022 goals is to get Bearsampp to a stable state while modernizing the old code. October puts us on that path and we have been able to commit many changes to improve not only visually but from a performance perspective. The changelog will provide you all the fun details. Upgrade instructions are here.

We look forward to what November has in store for Bearsampp!
01 Oct 2022

October Full Changelog #249


Restart icon updated
phpmyadmin errors removed

Edit bearsampp.conf from within right-click menu
Added Git Gui option from menu

29 Sep 2022

Git 2.37.3 Released

Git 2.37.3 is now available here and is highly recommended to be updated due to a bug that caused .doc files to not be understood as anything but Microsoft Word documents.

Change log is here

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