05 Sep 2022

MariaDB 10.9.2 Released

MariaDB 10.9.2 is released

05 Sep 2022


Mariadb 10.6.9 is released which includes several security fixes...
01 Sep 2022

Monthly release for September #198

Starting this month we are going to have monthly releases as close to the 1st of the month as possible.
This is the first of these releases. Release is here

28 Aug 2022

Postgresql September Bundle Release #192

This release updates all the supported postgresql versions as of today.
Included are.
27 Aug 2022

MariaDB 10.8.4 Release #190

17 Aug 2022

Composer 2.4.0 Released #185

Composer 2.4.0 is released
Also a bug fix release for 2.3.9 where it used Old Neard path for cache directory.
14 Aug 2022

Final August Hot Fix #181

The following releases take care of the memcache issue #138. This supersedes all previous hot fixes.
At this point Bearsampp appears to be stable!
Again we encourage everyone to test test test.

11 Aug 2022

Ruby Bundle Release #165

New HOT FIX release of
Ruby 2.7.6
Ruby 3.1.2
09 Aug 2022

August HOT FIX released #162

This release address's many issues reported. See changelog in release for full details.
As always report any issues you do find.

08 Aug 2022

Php 8.0.22 & Php 8.1.9 Bundle release #157

This release is for php 8.0.22 & php 8.1.9 August release.
06 Aug 2022

Hot fix for #138 #156

Php module hot fix to address memcache issue #138

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