Restart icon updated
phpmyadmin errors removed

Edit bearsampp.conf from within right-click menu
Added Git Gui option from menu


Mariadb 10.6.9 ( SECURITY FIX ), 10.9.2, and 10.9.3 Released
Php 7.4.32 Security Release
PHP 8.1.10 Released
php 8.1.11 Security Release
PHP 8.0.23 Released
Php 8.0.24 Security Release
Fixed PHP issue with Memcached - Re-download PHP versions 8.0.22, 8.1.8, 8.1.10 as applicable
Python 3.10.6 Released ( verbiage and file don't match )
Composer 2.4.2 Released
Updated NodeJS to 18.9.1 (Security Fix) and hotfixed console dependency to reflect proper versions - Redownload of versions 18.8.0 and 18.6 will be needed if using these modules to apply the hotfix.
NodeJS 18.10.0 and 16.17.1 (LTS) added
Update Git to 2.37.3
ALL PostgreSQL updated to fix port issue. - Re-download PostgreSQL versions as needed. All are affected.
python re-released with versioning to match consoles statement
Gitlist removed
phpmemadmin removed

--Other Fixes---

Code Cleanup
Module Versions sort properly
removed unused markdown app
updated Jquery to 3.x
updated to BS 5.2.1
updated to FA6
removed inline CSS

---Site Changes---
Archived svn & websvn
Change in release legends
turned on page cacheing via jch optimize ( css/js cached for 2 weeks, pages for 7 days )
site design changes, like icon legend, news cards, etc...

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